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I’ll focus my intervention talking about experiential marketing and experience design ( le 17 novembre 2011 au Pôle leonard de Vinci salle L408). I’ll show some new evolution, relating technologies, that I name as the pencil for experience designers. Experience design – and experiential marketing more over -, are, at the date, tendencies and objectives more than reality. Multisensoriality is not real, applications are not designed, emotions are not involving. We have many cases defined as experiential ones but most of them are strong branding communication. There are many studies about psyco-acustic, neuroscience applied to design; at the end is really difficult, for designers, to create an experience. This is in reason of time, of costs, of multiple and complex competence needed.

A network of italian companies has projected and created a new technology, hardware and software, that we can call “the pencil to design experiences”. So we design to design. During our meeting we’ll talk about needs, objectives and technology and we’ll see how new technology fronteer admit marketing people and experience designers to design their experiences easily and with great results.

Riccardo Palmerini is the Project Leader and Development Supervisor of this Network – named MuVi – and so of this technological evolution.

The essential difference within emotion and reason is that emotion leads to the action (included the decision to acquire a specific product), while reason brings to conclusions – Donald Calne

Curriculum Vitae – as a journalist wrote about my experience:

He comes from the banking, of whose IT evolution has been, in years Ninety, one of the pioneers in Italy, devising, on behalf of the Popular Bank of Vicenza, on-line trading systems, home banking and solutions for the electronic commerce (also the first on-line payement system in the world officially certified by Visa), of which it has cured the development and the realization. In 1999 he goes to the e-company Netics (of which he becomes associate) becoming general manager in 2000; under his direction the company rises between the leaders on the italian domestic market and is the first Italian e-company that opens an own branch in the United States, to Saint Francisco. In 2002 he was called from the Federation of Industrial Associations of the Veneto giving life to a company that takes care High Value added Information Services to manage business and supply chain processes (Reteindustria), company that will then be involved also from the Associations of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige, Mantova and Florence.

At the end of 2004, with some friends associates he founded a company named TheBigSpace Italia, of which assumes the role of Chief Executive. The company works on Advanced Communication Systems and Experience Design. He maintains a tightened contact with the world of the enterprises through advising directly in Marketing and Communication, Information Technology, Organization Management and Technological Innovation, not scorning the exploration of the emergent markets. He’s an inventor and Project Leader in Experience Design solutions; man rich of curiosity, he analyses market needs and innovates aggregating companies and teams and creating production networks.

Strictly collaborations with some Universities in Italy (Verona, Padova, Venice) and in France (Paris X Nanterre and IAE Toulouse – where he has yearly seminars and workshops), efforts his relations with market and research.

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